Electromatix OÜ

Industrial automation has been used for a long time in many industries, but just like any other device, industrial automation components have their own lifespan. Often devices become morally outdated, while new solutions offer more opportunities and are more economical. Another main issue is the dwindling supply of spare parts for older automated devices, since many of them are no longer manufactured. This mainly means that in the event of a device breaking down, a long period of inactivity can be expected.

We reprogramme the device’s work process during the renovation process. We check the old controllers and replace them with new ones. Pre-emptive controller replacement is usually much more cost-efficient than the possible work stoppage that might be caused it is not replaced Older machines in particular may not have information about the electrical grid or the control programme, which is why we map the input and output of the controller and adapt them to the new controller, after which we restore the system’s functionality.